Discover Champagne Météyer Père & Fils

27th October 2017


Since 1860 and with 6 generations of transmitting knowledge from father to son, Champagne Météyer, a Vigneron Indépendant (independent wine grower) produces Champagnes with an intense elegance; blended and single vines.

Besides Champagne, the Champagne House reveals a unique surprise; in its 18th century renovated cellars, you will find a family museum where all stages of vine growing and wine making are exposed. Travel through the family history and discover the impressive legacy of their ancestors. Enjoy a guided tour of the museum, the cellars, a visit to the art exhibitions (according to calendar) and a movie about the domain.

Enhance your knowledge by a full tasting experiment. Taste 3 Champagnes made from one 1 grape variety each. The Pinot Meunier is decanted and accompanied by a piece of cheese from the Champagne region.

The Champagne and meal gourmet workshop includes a menu of starter, main course and dessert, accompanied by Champagne in harmony with the proposed dishes. Discover their oldest vintage Champagne with a piece of cheese from the Champagne region.

Champagne Météyer offers visits from 10€, tasting workshops from 20€ and a special Champagne & food pairing dinner for 70€. Book any of the tours online for free at and pay at the Champagne House on the day.

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