Discover Pét-Nat Sparkling Wine

16th March 2022

Discovering Pet Nat

Pétillant Naturel, which is more commonly shortened to Pét-Nat, means in English ‘Naturally Sparkling’ or in the wine production world it is referred to as ‘methode ancestrale‘, it entails leaving the sediment (yeast) in the bottle, rather than disgorging it (removing), it may seem weird buying a bottle of Sparkling Wine which still has sediment in it, but this actually allows the Sparkling Wine to take on multiple different flavours and aromas, depending on how you wish to drink it.

Similar to a snowglobe, if you shake/twist it around, you’ll create a blizzard, all the snow will fly around, but once you set it back down and wait a moment, the snow will settle, picture this when deciding how to enjoy a bottle of Pét-Nat.

If you want to enjoy the wine without the sediment, then you would leave the bottle standing upright, allowing all the sediment to fall to the bottom of the bottle, but unlike a snowglobe, it isn’t done as quickly, you would need to leave the sediment to settle for a few days, maybe even a week to be completely sure it’s all settled, then you can open and pour yourself a glass of clear Sparkling Pét-Nat.

If you’ve bought a bottle of Pét-Nat, I’d think you’d want to experience what it’s like to drink a glass of bubbly with the sediment in, but you don’t shake the bottle as you would with a snowglobe because the wine would spray everywhere after opening the bottle, so what you do is simply twist the bottle, allowing the Sparkling Wine to create the blizzard inside.

As you start twisting the bottle, this will wake up the sediment and start causing a blizzard inside, but depending on how much you do this, will depend on how cloudy your glass will come out.

You don’t have to settle on how much sediment you want before opening the bottle, you just have to cover the top of the bottle with a stopper or if you’re stuck for anything, then you can use your thumb to seal it, this will allow you to increase the sediment or if you want to decrease it, just leave the bottle upright for a while.

Pét-Nat is made via the Méthode Ancestrale which is the oldest way of making sparkling wines dating back to the 16th century, the method was said to have been created in the Limoux region of France by monks.” source glassofbubbly

Vina Stoka

Stoka has been around since 1839, but they first started marketing the Stoka brand in 1989, the same year they started bottling their wine. They own 30 hectares of land, with 7 hectares being used as vineyards, across those 7 hectares are 30,000 vines, all growing grapes.

They are located on the southwest Slovenian border, in the area of Krast, situated 200-300 meters above sea level.

Gold Medal Winners in the Gastronomic Category – Vina Stoka – Pét-Nat Teran – Slovenia

👃 “Red berries, blackberries, raspberries, hints of spice and wild winter berries on the aroma.”

👅 “A good level of tannis, with blackberries and red berries on the palate.”

Bronze Medal Winner in the Sea Breeze Catoegry – Vina Stoka – Pét-Nat Vitovska grganja – Slovenia

👃 “Fresh and ripe pears, apricots, peaches and hay aromas.”

👅 “Yeasty ripe fruits, green pears, hay, herbal and apricots on the palate.”

Image Credit: Slovenian Flag

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