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20th December 2018


7 Cocktails, 6 Gins and 2 Proseccos

We have a fine selection of Gins from all over the world, two Proseccos from Italy and seven great Cocktail ideas.

Before we jump in and see what we’ve got, take a look at these beautiful hand-painted Cocktail glasses from Lolita.

We got to use four of the many glasses available, Bee’s Knees, Eternité, Pink Lady and Lavender Lemonade, each one has a suggested Cocktail on the bottom of the glass for you to try.

Lolita’s story all started with a girls’ night out

Every Lolita wine glass is a hand-painted work of art. Her glasses make a festive gift for any occasion. Lolita took the world by storm in 2004 to become the hottest gift brand in the U.S. Now with a wide range of hand-painted collectable glasses, Lolita is the original source for unique glassware designs.


City of London

The City of London has a rich Gin history. During the Gin Craze in the 18th century, there was a Gin distillery or Gin shop on every street in the City of London. When the Gin Craze was ended, very few gin distilleries survived, and for nearly 200 years there wasn’t a single gin distillery in the City. That is until the City of London Distillery opened in 2012.

We got to try three of their Gins.

City of London: Christopher Wren Tasting Notes: “Juniper and citrus on the nose. Juniper, coriander in the mouth.”

City of London: Authentic Tasting Notes: “Juniper, pink grapefruit, orange and lemon on the nose. Clean and characterful taste.”

City of London: Sloe Gin Tasting Notes: “Blueberry and sloe berries with floral notes. Blueberry flavours.”

Gin Ting

Gin Ting uses the finest botanicals & natural flavours Infused with Passionfruit, Mango and Elderflower. Handcrafted & produced in small batches to ensure uncompromising quality for a well made Gin.”

It’s A Gin Ting was started in the summer of 2015 by a husband and wife who were just enjoying a glorious sunshine at a beach bar when they had the idea to create their own Gin.

Gin Ting Tasting Notes: “It’s Infused with Passionfruit, Mango & Elderflower and this is what you get in the aromas and in the taste.”

Hernö Gin is the first dedicated gin distillery in Sweden and is the most awarded Gin in Europe.

Old Tom Gin origins from 18th century England when Gin was outlawed. A black wooden cat placed outside pubs was used both to buy and serve the illegal beverage.

Tasting Notes: “Woody spice and floral notes on the nose. Super-smooth texture with a light sweetness with notes of pine flowers.”

Four Pillars

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin is from Australia and is made by steeping local shiraz grapes in Gin for eight weeks.

In 2015 they combined Rare Dry Gin with some of the best Shiraz grapes in Australia to create the Bloody Shiraz Gin for the first time.

The Gin will develop with time, you can drink it young with red berry and spice characters or enjoy it over time with fruit cake and dried fruit tones as it develops.

Tasting Notes: “Dark fruit, red berry and spice. Lovely and sweet, with long spice characters to finish.”


Ca’ di Rajo Prosecco di Treviso Tasting Notes: Soft citrus aromas. dry mineral flavors with hints of lime and green apple. I would put this Prosecco in the Summer Days category in the Glass of Bubbly Awards.”

Val d’Oca ORO Prosecco Treviso Tasting Notes: “Ripe pear on the nose. Red apples and dark green pear in the mouth. I would put this Prosecco in the Light and Fruity category  in the Glass of Bubbly Awards.”


First Cocktail

City of London: Christopher Wren, Ca’ di Rajo Prosecco and Lemon

Tasting Notes: “The lemon immediately hits the nose. Zesty yet not too sharp in that the Prosecco neutralizes the citrus flavours and leaves softer lemon pulp and Gin to pleasure the palate.”

Second Cocktail

City of London: Authentic, Ca’ di Rajo Prosecco, Lemon and Honey

Tasting Notes: “The Gin shines through wonderfully. A smooth and easy to drink cocktail.”

Third Cocktail

City of London: Sloe Gin, Val d’Oca Prosecco, Brown Sugar Cube

Tasting Notes: “Very floral and herbal, dry flavours. The Sloe Gin leads this cocktail.”

Fourth Cocktail

Four Pillars, Val d’Oca Prosecco, Brown Sugar Cube

Tasting Notes: “This is a smooth tasting combination. Slightly on the sweeter side yet you are clearly presented with the Shiraz grape and Gin flavours.”

Fifth Cocktail

Hernö: Old Tom Gin, Ca’ di Rajo Prosecco, Mango Juice

Tasting Notes: “Mango hits the nose first. An abundance of soft tropical fruit flavours with a kick of Gin shining through in the length.”

Sixth Cocktail

Hernö: Old Tom Gin, Ca’ di Rajo Prosecco, Grenadine

Tasting Notes: “Grenadine and red rose petals on the nose. A summery feel to this cocktail with the Grenadine working well throughout with the Gin showing itself mostly in mid-palate.”

Seventh Cocktail

It’s A Gin Ting, Ca’ di Rajo Prosecco, Lemon and Brown Sugar Cube

Tasting Notes: “This is a take on the traditional French 75 which has Champagne in. This one as it has Prosecco in is called French 77. This Cocktail is for lemon lovers, it overpowers the Gin. As the Gin is already infused with passionfruit, mango & elderflower this Gin is probably better enjoyed with a lighter tonic water.”

That’s all of them, my favourite Cocktail was the second one, it all worked well together to bring a sweet enjoyable experience, my favourite glass is the Lavender Lemonade.

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Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.