Discover Sekt Sparkling Wines

21st January 2016

Discover Sekt Sparkling Wines

Sekt is sparkling wine produced in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic or Slovakia. It’s the most popular wine in Germany, with around five litres consumed per capita each year.

Bohemia Sekt Prestige Brut – Czech Republic

This multi-award-winning wine is made with the traditional method using Rheinriesling, a grape which gives the wine a rich aroma and spicy acidity, while Pinot Blanc supplies extractive notes on the palate and Welschriesling adds freshness.


Immich-Anker Reisling Brut Sekt Germany

This Sekt is produced directly out of the Zeppwingert (south-western slopes). The Sekt stays three years on the lees, hand riddled, traditional bottle fermentation. Delicate yeasty-nutty notes. On the palate rather creamy with matching mousse.


Henkell Trocken Dry Sec Germany

For decades now this timeless classic has been Germany’s best known sparkling wine brand and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide


Hochriegl Rosé Austria

Hochriegl has been producing wines in Austria since 1890. They offer a brilliant selection of cuvées of outstanding quality. Their Rosé is harmonious, balanced, youthful, crisp, with a fresh fruity taste.


Rotkäppchen Dry Sparkling WineGermany

The traditional Rotkäppchen Kellerei has produced sparkling wine of high quality since 1856. The dry bouquet and tangy elegance makes Rotkäppchen Sparkling Wine Dry very popular in Germany.


Solter 2009 Rheingau Riesling Sekt Réserve Brut Germany

Awarded best German sparkling wine 2015 at CSWWC.


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