Discovering a Hidden Gem: The Taste of Carolina Wine 

16th August 2021

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The Carolinas’ wine industry might not be as well-known as many others. Still, this region has a surprising cluster of wineries and vineyards producing delightful beverages that are sure to satisfy.

Tastings and Tours Galore
Both North and South Carolina are known for their rolling hills and scenic mountain ranges, providing the ideal picturesque view perfect for wine tasting. One of the main attractions of this region includes the many wine tasting tours. With wineries and vineyards stretching for miles on end, one can find a tour opportunity from Asheville to the Yadkin Valley.

From large, up-scale spots to smaller, rural vineyards, North and South Carolina are any wine-lover’s dream. Navigating, especially in the city, can be difficult when you want to visit as many wineries as possible. Thankfully, there are Asheville Wine Tours that provide transportation so that visitors can enjoy as many tastings as they like. And there’s plenty to enjoy when it comes to Carolina beverages!

A Dash of History: The Beginning of Carolina’s Winemaking
Beginning in the early 1800s, Carolina was the leading wine producer in the United States. Because of Carolina’s rich soil, vineyards began sprouting up regularly, leading to numerous vineyards forming all across both states. After the Civil War, the region’s wine industry grew even more and especially flourished during the onset of the 20th century’s Golden Age.

North Carolina’s beverage production also increased significantly when the Biltmore family established their wine company and opened the estate’s vineyard to the public in 1985.

Today, North Carolina ranks #7 in wine production in the United States and #10 in the number of wineries.

Carolina Classics With a Twist
Most might assume that Muscadine is the trademark beverage for the Carolinas; however, over the past several years, the region has produced classic beverages with a flair all their own.

Sangiovese “Riserva” — With its Italian influences, this medium-bodied red beverage is nothing short of excellent.

Seyval Blanc — This French-American beverage is a proud statement from the Banner Elk Winery and rivals many others in its class.

Cabernet Sauvignon — Who can go to North Carolina without being drawn to the Biltmore Estate? Biltmore’s Cabernet Sauvignon is a favorite and is especially perfect for holiday celebrations.

Chambourcin — This double gold winner from FireClay Cellars is a phenomenon among Chambourcin lovers. Its berry accents and herbal aroma makes for a fantastic blend.

Bladen Blush — Winner of a double gold medal, this rose/blush blend is a sweet blend of Muscadine grapes with a smooth finish.

Midnight Run — This decadent dessert beverage has notes of chocolate, mocha, blackberries, and raisin accents. From Windsor Run Cellars, this beverage was awarded a gold medal.

Carolina’s Wineries and Vineyards
With over 200 wineries and 400 vineyards in North Carolina alone, there’s something for everyone. Visitors who love either the city or the country can find a vineyard suited for them because, in Carolina, you get the best of both worlds.

Some of the most popular areas for vineyards include the Yadkin Valley, the Asheville area, the Tryon Foothills, and even the deeper regions of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Conclusion — Branching Out with Carolina Wine
As wine lovers, we are always on the hunt for new tastes as well as familiar favorites. Discovering different wineries and vineyards is a charming feat, and it’s important to share these discoveries with others who appreciate this art and the pleasure of winemaking.

Carolina is certainly rich with these pleasures, and those who visit will find a hidden gem indeed.

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