Discovering Champagne Dom Caudron

29th May 2024

Discovering Champagne Dom Caudron

The History of Dom Caudron

“In 1929, the village Abbot, Dom Caudron, donated 1 000 francs to some of the village’s vinegrowers to enable them to acquire their first press and some winemaking tools. This is how Champagne Dom Caudron was born.

Meunier is our favourite grape variety, representing 80% of our vineyard. The terroir of Passy-Grigny is ideal for this variety.

In singular, from old vines, in a rosé version, aged in oak barrels, Meunier is combined in all these forms. Always festive, it is the reflection of our vintages to be shared at the table, as an aperitif, with friends … simply and at any time.”

The First Experience With Champagne

“Champagne Dom Caudron very first experience with Champagne started back in 1929, with a first harvest that lead to the very first Cuvée. A 100% Meunier from the Passy-Grigny’s terroir, delightful with fruity character and lovely fresh citrus notes. In short, a round and luscious Champagne, easy-drinking that can be enjoyed at any time, anywhere : a Prédiction for the future ! This is how Champagne Dom Caudron flagship cuvée buded.”

Champagne Dom Caudron In The Export Market

“Champagne Dom Caudron is strong in Europe and well developped in Italy and Belgium with a presence in most European countries. The French department Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is an historic market and therefore emblematic for the brand.

We can find Champagne Dom Caudron in several Michelin Star restaurants around the world mostly in Taiwan (Papillon, Ran Restaurant), also in France (Les Frères Ibarboure) and The Netherlands (Aan de Poel). Champagne Dom Caudron has its first showroom in Togo in West Africa and is the official Champagne of high-end events such as the Lomé Fashion Week, The Big Chill or All White Lomé.”

Pairing Champagne With Food – A Great Recommendation

“Cuvée Épicurienne is a selection of Meunier from vines over 50 years old and aged on lees for three years. This Champagne is supple, creamy and fresh, with lovely pulp of stone fruits. The whole gives a sensation of crunchy fruit that lingers on the finish which goes very well with sushi or maki to enjoy with friends.”

The Future Plans Of Champagne Dom Caudron

“Champagne Dom Caudron enthusiasts can look forward to see the brand expanding in new markets around the world and thriving in new partnerships. Meunier grape variety areas planted in Champagne appellation are increasing every year and will strenghten Dom Caudron as « The Meunier Specialist ».

Champagne Dom Caudron also has a strong determination to develop its commitment to sustainability and the environment, which starts this year with a RSE Label.
We will also soon be celebrating the cooperative’s 100th anniversary, with an original cuvée created by our cellar master for the occasion.

Dom Caudron could even extend its reach and reputation in the years to come.”

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.