Divine Winter Cocktail

27th April 2023

Divine Winter Cocktail Glass of Bubbly Angel Cocktail

A divine spirit has come down from the heavens and gifted us with this recipe perfect for the winter season (and for when you’re missing it), an angelic blend of creations that will excite, meditate and relax you, when you just want to cosy up indoors, recalling the chill of the not long gone winter months.

The Sparkling Wine – Martinčič

The Martinčič family vineyard’s wine and cane growing farm is located in Šmalčja Vas, near Šentjernej, in the beautiful wine country of Slovenia.

Going back more than one hundred years, their ancestors planted the first vineyard and realized that the Dolenjska soil and sky give the vine a special home, allowing the winemaker to create their Wines and Sparkling Wines.

Their farm is open to the public, for visits and tastings, you can tour their cellar where their award-winning wines and Sparkling Wines mature, they can welcome up to 50 people at a time.

The name for their Quattro Momenti Sparkling Wine was gifted to the Sparkling Wine by their four girls, containing all the poetry of their vineyards.

Martinčič – Quattro Momenti – Extra Brut – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Calming aroma of almond, apricots, green apples and white floral on the aroma, it warmly wraps itself around you and divinely welcomes you in.”

Flavour – “Crisp dry green fruity characters, with herbal notes and a white floral touch, this Sparkling Wine would pair very nicely with cheese and various slices of meat.”

Silver Medal in the Meditation Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

The Gin Liqueur – Archangel Distillery

Archangel Distilleries‘ Sloe & Mulberry Gin Liqueur is steeped in the distillery’s own special vodka for at least four weeks and tasted frequently to see how it’s progressing. They then blend the finished product with their ‘Classic’ gin until the balance of flavours is perfected.

Crafted entirely in Norfolk, Archangel Distillery doesn’t import or relabel, their Gin is entirely theirs, with each batch of Archangel Gin containing local juniper in varying quantities, harvested from bushes originally planted fifteen years ago. In 2016, they planted an additional 200 juniper and 50 sea-buckthorn bushes, ensuring that their locally grown content will continue to rise over the coming years.

Archangel is continuing a venerable monastic tradition of brewing and distilling with a mixture of work and prayer, ‘Ora et labora’ that stretches back well over a thousand years and during the working day they observe the monastic hours of Lauds and Vespers.

The Church has deep roots in Norfolk, with gothic arches, hammer beam roofs and soaring towers, which hold within them a spectacular past, thriving through a time when Norfolk was one of the richest counties in England, the landscape remains dominated by these historic monuments to faith.

Sloe & Mulberry Gin Liqueur – “Rich and warming in character, with blackthorn and juicy mulberries, gifting tart-like flavours.”

All the sloes are hand-picked in Norfolk, with them picking nearly half a million a year.

Cocktail – Divine Winter


  • Sparkling Wine
  • Sloe & Mulberry Gin Liqueur
  • Redcurrants

How To Make The Divine Winter Cocktail

  • 20mls of Sloe & Mulberry Gin Liqueur
  • Top up with Sparkling Wine
  • Drop in a Party of Redcurrants

Divine Winter Cocktail Tasting Notes

Aroma – “The sharper red currents have been relaxed, soaking in a bath of soft, smooth and tart-like red berries with a pinch of blackberries and mulberries on the aroma.”

Flavour – “The palate lends itself to a culinary masterpiece, the gin liqueur brings in fresh tart like red berries, with the Sparkling Wine refreshing, livening and exciting the blend with a touch of green apples and white floral, with then redcurrants on top keeping you grounded with a touch of zesty red tart citrus, the combination also manages to craft a red flavoured spice that perfects the Cocktail.”


Image Credit: Angel

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