26th November 2014


In Franciacorta, between the winding hills, the varied terrain and the breezy mild microclimate, the grapes selected by Divinity have become the core of the most luxurious “bubbles” in Italy.

Produced in Italy in extremely limited series – only a few thousand bottles a year – it is a ultra-fine wine that accompanies gala events, private parties and elite receptions.


Divinity is packaged in prestigious bottles covered in either metallic gold foil, pink and black.

Enterprising and forward-looking, the founder of Divinity – Daniele Morena – is an innovative entrepreneur who has launched the first Italian luxury bubbles on the national and international market. From the naming, to the packaging,the taste of each cuvée and the visual identity of the brand, everything has been influenced by the creativity, the explosive drive and the eye for glamour of its founder.



Glass of Bubbly

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