Divinty Franciacorta

26th November 2014

Divinty Franciacorta

Divinity Golden Vintage

Divinity gold

The flagship of the entire range, a unique example of tradition and high quality. Length and elegance characterize the palate, in which one finds a rich and complex aroma, with hints of yeast, pastry and honey derived from long aging in the bottle and in French oak barrels. The color is a straw yellow to golden and has a fine and persistent perlage. Divinity Golden Vintage has an intense flavour, well-balanced and structured, with a hint of vanilla and a long finish.

It goes well with seafood dishes: carpaccio of scallops, oysters poached or marinated prawns accompanied by a light cream zest of kaffir lime. It is also excellent with pasta and fish and with red meat.

Divinity Supreme Rosé

Divinty rose

A unique blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a beautiful delicate salmon-colour with slightly orangey hues. The effervescence is lively and light, with a refined and elegant perlage. It is fresh and delicate on the nose combining a delicate yet persistent aroma, with notes of berries and citrus. In tasting the wine, it is clear and full-bodied, enhanced by a gentle effervescence. The aromas of freshly picked red fruits exhalt themselves fully.

It can be enjoyed at any time of the meal, from appetizers to desserts made of chocolate fondant. It can be enhanced by a strong parma ham (San Daniele or Parma) cut thin. Excellent with pasta dishes made from meat or mushrooms, or with salmon dishes. Also excellent with red meat dishes. For a main course it could be accompanied by a veal fillet with green and pink peppercorns and baked at high heat.
Divinity Supreme Brut


Has a bright and clear yellow colour with golden reflections. The brightness is considerable with sustained effervescence and a very persistent perlage. At the onset, the wine is fruity, fresh and elegant, with a wellbalanced sweetness and a lingering harmonious aftertaste. The bouquet reveals an intense and fragrant flavour with delicate floral sensations, to which are added subtle hints of yeast that resemble the crusts of bread and biscuits. The impact on the palate is very crisp.

A perfect wine for an aperitif, it can also be served with the first course to accompany light and delicate dishes such as scallops a la plancha or with a main course such as sole meuniere. It can also accompany white meat grilled and roasted fish.



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