Does Bottle Size Matter?

21st October 2020

Comparing magnums to standard bottles

If I asked you, would you rather have a Piccolo of Champagne or a Magnum, would you know the difference and what would you choose?

You may know that a magnum contains the same as two standard-sized bottles. We’ve already done experiments and have found out that Champagne or Sparkling Wine can improve in bigger bottles, you can check out our Magnums vs Standard Sized Bottles with Ferrari Trento article.

Did you know how many different sizes of bottles you can buy though?

Here’s a guide to the different bottle sizes:

Piccolo = 1/4 bottle (187ml)

Demi =1/2 bottle ( 375ml)

Standard = 750ml

Magnum = 2 bottles (1,5 litres)

Jeroboam = 4 bottles (3 litres)

Rehoboam = 6 bottles (4.5 litres)

Methuselah = 8 bottles (6 litres)

Salmanazar = 12 bottles (9 litres)

Balthazar = 16 bottles (12 litres)

Nebuchadnzzar = 20 bottles (15 litres)

Solomon = 24 bottles (18 litres)

Sovereign = 33.33 bottles (26.25 litres)

Primat = 36 bottles (27 litres)

Melchizedek = 40 bottles (30 litres)

The larger format Champagne bottle sizes (with the exception of the Magnum and Primat) are named after biblical kings and figures. Nobody knows quite why.

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.