Does Coffee and Sparkling Wine Go Together?

3rd January 2020


It can be fun and exciting when mixing alcoholic beverages with other drinks. Perhaps, you’re here right now because you’re wondering if it’s an excellent idea to mix sparkling wine with coffee.

After all, it’s essential to learn of any potential adverse effects that might happen if you consume a mixture of sparkling wine and coffee.

What’s Coffee?

First, it’s critical to learn more about the two main ingredients of this concoction – coffee and sparkling wine.

Coffee comes from beans originating from cherries of the tree with the same name as the drink. Different coffee plants produce varying beans, which affect the beverage’s factors, like flavor and texture.

It’s not rare for coffee lovers to mix other ingredients in their drinks. One primary example is mixing this caffeine-rich drink with cream and sugar. Other individuals may prefer adding CBD in coffee, as the organic compound presents consumers with additional health benefits.

Coffee sets you up for the day, workplaces and offices will often offer a coffee service to give their employees the best start to the day.

Coffee also presents enthusiasts with its set of healthful advantages. Here are a few benefits you may gain from drinking coffee moderately:

• Helps control weight
• Lowers the risk of premature death
• Protects the brain from cognitive disorders
• Help fight depression

Good coffee is important and if you like it strong and black then espresso is for you. If you want to have a fully automatic coffee that can save your waiting time then you should purchase espresso machines.

What’s Sparkling Wine?

As for sparkling wine, it’s a type of wine that bubbles when poured into a glass. Other wine variations may not profusely bubble when poured from their containers.

The bubbles from sparkling wine come from dissolved carbon dioxide. It’s akin to the reaction when you open a bottle or can of soda. This fizzy feeling is a favorite among many Champagne enthusiasts. The added texture also presents Champagne enthusiasts with extra excitement when drinking the beverage.

Like coffee, different sparkling wine producers create variations of their products. Thus, certain factors, like taste and amount of fizz, vary for each bottle.

Also, sparkling wine presents users with health benefits when consumed in moderation. These advantages may include:

• Helps fight cancer cells
• Act as an antioxidant
• Helps boost the immune system
• Lowers the risk of stroke
• Lowers bad cholesterol

Can Coffee and Sparkling Wine Go Together?

Both coffee and sparkling wine present consumers with potential health benefits. But, is it possible to mix the two beverages to form a new drink?

Yes, you can mix coffee and sparkling wine. But, it would help if you keep in mind precautions when you want to drink this concoction.

It’ll help if you look at the positive things about drinking a coffee-sparkling wine cocktail first. Now, combining organic coffee with red wine can enhance the flavor of both beverages. Specific bars have this cocktail, but there might be other ingredients, like a touch of vermouth and a stick of cinnamon, added to the mix.

However, perhaps the primary allure of mixing sparkling wine and coffee is the ‘kick’ in flavor. This boost in taste might deliver added excitement to the drinking session, and the event can help liven up parties.

But, combining coffee and sparkling wine can also be harmful to your health. Coffee contains caffeine, and mixing that component to wine might not be ideal for your well-being. This combination can provoke health problems, like putting you in an added risk of experiencing severe heart problems.

An interview with alcohol researcher, Bradon Fritz, Ph.D., stated the side effects of mixing caffeine and wine. The professor indicated that caffeine blocks specific receptors in the brain. These components help stop the sleepy signal that aids you to go through the day without feeling drowsy or tired.

However, alcohol has a different effect on the body. This component causes receptors to help you relax and doze off after a few drinks.

Mix these two ingredients in one beverage, and your body might function indifferently. This scenario can cause adverse effects that may put you at risk of gaining health conditions.

But, if you’re losing the bout with your curiosity, it might be okay to drink a glass or two of a coffee-sparkling wine cocktail. Nonetheless, you need to heavily consider two factors:

• Consult your doctor before attempting to drink this concoction, and
• Drink moderately


Use the information you gained from this post to help you understand the benefits and downsides of drinking a coffee-sparkling wine beverage.

The number of mixtures of this drink can seem endless. Many coffees and sparkling wine brands produce varying products that can affect your drinking experience. However, make sure to drink coffee, sparkling wine, or a combination of the two beverages in moderation to lower the risk of health complications.

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