Dom Pérignon Rosé P2 1996 Tasting at Claridges, London

24th October 2016


Unashamedly pushing the boundaries of Dom Pérignon in recent years” among many other inspirational words were shared by the host of the Dom Pérignon P2 Rosé tasting, Richard Geoffroy.

As the invited guests sat down in the ‘Dom Pérignon Suite’ of Claridges, you could see the excited anticipation that we were about to taste something unique, something which the maker was proud to show, years of craftsmanship, experience, study and love had brought into existence – A Dom Pérignon tasting really must go down as always a most memorable occasion.

If we had to make the 1996 again, we would have picked the grapes later” said Richard as he talked us through the recent vintage years of his Champagne house and whilst the wines were being poured (Dom Pérignon 1996, 1995 & 1993 rosé).

Dom Pérignon 1996 Rosé: The nose is full of citron, dried rose, saffron, figs and bay leaf. The palate offers freshness and gravity with no dryness as the appealing bitterness of spicy citrus lingers on.

Dom Pérignon 1995 Rosé: Toasty aroma with a taste of brioche, yeast, smoked oak, dark red berry and stoned fruits.

Dom Pérignon 1993 Rosé: The first notes of red fruit are soon replaced by those of dried figs and spices. The overall harmony is complemented by peaty and smoky notes. The wine is insolently brilliant and precise, with an almost youthful freshness and notes of dates and pink grapefruit.


Some more interesting words during the tasting from Richard included:

Intermediate vintages, this is what Dom Pérignon can do – The 1993 Vintage

1990-1995 – WOW! We were very challenged!

Driest year in the whole history of Champagne last year (2015)”.

The years 2000’s we were so privileged, such a gift. We were able to push the boundaries of Dom Pérignon.

Questioned on the potential for 2016 : “It is too early to tell, but! It has been so gloomy this year (2016) for so long, the mood in August was very negative. Small miracle then occurred as always in Champagne! We wait, Chardonnay have not been delivering at their highest across the board, though Pinot Noir – we will have little gems“.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.