Domaine Delmas

17th October 2015

Family winery for four generations and organic since 1986, our vineyard of 32 hectares is hung on the foothills of the Pyrenees in South of France on the unique terroir of the Haute Vallée in the Limoux Appellation. Bernard Delmas developed high standards sparkling wines recognized and rewarded. Our approach of winemaking and vinegrowing respect and preserve our terroir.

We work with a global and long term view of organic wine making which mean Sustainability and Biodiversity in the vineyard, meticulous work, individual monitoring of each plot, handmade harvest, grapes sort out, low pressure extraction, selection of juices, long ageing.

Perfectly balanced between Elegance, Finese, Richness and Freshness, our versatile range of sparkling wines from 18 to 36 months of ageing can surprise you from appetizer to dessert.


Glass of Bubbly

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