Double Dutch Mixers Perfect for Sparkling Cocktails

29th January 2016

Double Dutch mixers are a great way to easily create a fruity sparkling wine cocktail without any fuss.

Double Dutch is on a mission to help people make delicious drinks and cocktails easily at home.

The drinks are made in Britain using 100% natural ingredients and there’s only 65 Kcal per bottle. A great drink to have on hand in your kitchen for whenever you have a party or just fancy adding a fruity touch to your glass of bubbly.

Mixers to try

Cucumber & Watermelon

Being both a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, the watermelon subtly underlines the cucumbers’ flavour. This flavour combination is truly refreshing and soothes your cocktails like no other.

Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon

Pomegranate & Basil

The basil creates a refreshing flavour with underlying anise tones while the delicious red arils from the pomegranate fruits are used to add sweetness to this drink. This savoury & mature mixer makes an aromatic, slightly sweet on the tongue drink perfectly combined with sparkling wine, botanical gins, vodkas or tequilas and mezcals.

Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil


The founders of Double Dutch

Originally from the Netherlands, the Double Dutch twins always liked to enjoy a good quality drink. They shared their frustrations that whilst the quality and choice of spirits keeps improving, the market for accompanying sodas remains as bland, generic and mediocre as ever.

Because there is more to a mixer drink than tonic, they decided to take it upon themselves to create the necessary change. After a year of extensive market research, they started conducting their own experiments where they became inspired by the concept of food pairing. This methodology not only guarantees Double Dutch truly soothes your spirit, but it also opens a whole new world of possible drinks!


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