Dunavox – The Wine Cooling Experts

22nd February 2018

Dunavox is a premium brand of wine coolers and has seen exponential growth over the past few years. Now available in over 40 countries, they bring proper wine storage features right to your kitchen.

With over 60 different variations to choose from Dunavox has a wine cooler for almost every available space and set of requirements. This includes fully integrated, undercounter and freestanding units for the wine connoisseur.

Dunavox have taken the kitchen industry by storm with their dedicated kitchen line of over 45 units and counting. This has proved extremely popular with premium kitchen manufacturers across Europe and Asia where they can now offer a wine cooler for almost any available space, thanks to Dunavox!

Fully integrated units:

A fully integrated unit is designed to fit seamlessly into most available spaces within a kitchen unit or wine room. The seamless finish has recently become more popular with kitchen designers as it brings that touch of class to any kitchen.

Dunavox has managed to fit premium technology into units with a capacity as low as 26 bottles, whilst providing units capable of holding up to 89 bottles with larger units on the horizon. More recently, Dunavox has introduced a line of handleless units which have added to their appeal with the new craze for handless kitchens.

You can view the fully integrated collection here.

Undercounter units:

Dunavox has the largest selection of Undercounter appliances available on the English market. With units bespoke to them, they are in a league of their own and have catered for all requirements. Unlike most manufacturers who take the poor quality, low grade appliances straight from the factory, Dunavox spend years researching and developing their wine coolers to ensure they end up with a product of the highest quality, which has had absolutely no expense spared when it comes to the internal and external parts that have been used. Recently they have introduced a kitchen line featuring a seemless steel finish, this means the door frame has been pressed from one singular piece of steel as opposed to four different pieces. This puts them ahead of the market and are constantly bringing new techniques and features to the floor, this is what makes, Dunavox – The Wine Cooling Experts.

You can view their Undercounter collection here.


Dunavox have a collection of freestanding wine coolers; a few of these have the potential to be used as a built in units, such as the DX-181.490 and the DX-170.490 which are two of the large capacity built in units provided by Dunavox.

Not every wine drinker has the space available to install one of these units in their kitchen, or they simply don’t see the need. For this, Dunavox has created a free-standing line which will fit perfectly into anyone’s dining room, cellar or garage (if insulated). These units are perfect for long term storage of wines which need to age or can be used to bring wines to their optimum service temperature, extremely versatile.

To find out more about Dunavox, please visit the Elite Wine Refrigeration website and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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