Easy to make Champagne Cocktails for Summer

28th June 2019

five fizz cocktails for the summer

When the sun is shining and the garden / balcony is calling then how about mixing up some easy to prepare and enjoy Champagne cocktails? There are many cocktails out there to chose from and you can of course simply experiment yourself and have plenty of fun in the process – In most occasions fresh fruit juices, freshly cut fruits, frozen summer berry fruits, ice, gin, Chambord and more make the perfect company for that bottle of chilled Champagne tempting you in the fridge.

Though many feel that Champagne is too good a wine to be mixed with anything, Champagne cocktails are still popular globally and can make that bubbly moment even more special – Below are some easy to prepare cocktails for you to enjoy:

Duval Leroy Champagne cocktail

Duval Leroy Champagne cocktail

Pink Gin Fizz: All you’ll need to get the party going is a splash of gin (Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin Vintage 2014), some Chambord or grenadine along with chilled Champagne!

Place some crushed ice / small ice cubes in to a glass

Add a splash of Chambord / grenadine

Add one serving of Gin (pink / bloody shiraz gin even better)

Fill with chilled Champagne! (used was Champagne Duval-Leroy Brut Réserve)

Adam Mereaux Champagne cocktail

Adam Mereaux Champagne cocktail

Fresh Peach and Mango Champagne Bellini: Fresh and fruity here we come! Easy to prepare and all you will need is a fresh peach, mango juice and of course some bubbly.

Chop finely a fresh peach and add half to your glass

Add a third of a glass of mango juice

Drop in some crushed ice

Fill with chilled Champagne! (used was Champagne Adam-Mereaux ‘Tradition’ Extra Brut’)

Champagne Autreau Cocktail

Champagne Autreau Cocktail

Raspberry Fizz: If you love raspberries then this is the cocktail for you!

Add to a glass half a dozed fresh raspberries

Crush half a dozed raspberries and add to glass

Add a splash of gin (used was Kobenhavn Klassik Gin)

Fill with chilled Champagne! (used was Champagne Autréau Premier Cru Extra Brut)

Aldi Champagne Monsigny Cocktail

Aldi Champagne Monsigny Cocktail

Fizzkey and Spice: A new cocktail on the scene, go and impress your guests with this easy to make Champagne cocktail that packs a punch!

Add a brown sugar cube to your glass

Add a teaspoon of maple syrup honey

Add a pinch of crushed black pepper

Add a pinch of dried cayenne pepper

Add a half measure of single malt whisky (used was Edradour Natural Cask Strength Single Malt)

Fill with Chilled Champagne! (used was Champagne Monsigny Grand Réserve Brut from Aldi)

Champagne vollereaux cocktail

Champagne Vollereaux cocktail

Summer Berry Fruits and Ratafia: For those of you liking a sweeter Champagne cocktail and a special liquor from the region.

Add a handful of frozen summer berry fruits to your glass

Add a shot of Ratafia (used was Dumangin Ratafia Champenois)

Fill with chilled Champagne! (used was Champagne Vollereaux Brut Reserve)

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.