Easy to make Prosecco Cocktails for Summer

26th June 2019

Easy to make Prosecco cocktails

Not many of us need any excuses to open a bottle of Prosecco though what about making that next glass you enjoy that little bit more special? A favourite drink for many people will be a cocktail and when you have some fizz to hand then you have a wide range of easy to make at home cocktails that you can experiment with.

What exactly is Prosecco? Prosecco is a favourite sparkling wine here in the UK with annual sales peaking that of Champagne. From a wine region of northern Italy, Prosecco is produced mostly from the Glera grape and you will usually be able to choose from many different labels with sweeter and drier styles as well as quality levels. Famous Prosecco producers include Bottega Gold, Villa Sandi, Ruggeri, Zonin and many more.

If you have that bottle of Prosecco chilling away in the fridge and want to make your next glass that extra bit special, here are 5 easy to make Prosecco cocktails to brighten up your Summer:

Astoria prosecco cocktail

Astoria Prosecco cocktail

Prosecco Sunrise:

If you have a splash of Tequila in your drinks cabinet and some fresh mango / peach juice then think about a sunrise style cocktail. An added shot of grenadine will help to give your Prosecco that extra special lift. Tequila used Casa Dragones – Prosecco used Astoria Millesimato Extra Dry.

Half glass full of mango juice

Add the shot of Tequila

Add to near full chilled Prosecco

Add the grenadine

Mix lightly

Montelianna Prosecco cocktail

Montelliana Prosecco cocktail

Raspberry & Citrus Prosecco:

Similar to the raspberry limoncello version, though here you will need the juice of a fresh lemon, frozen or fresh raspberries, spoon of acacia honey with your Prosecco (Montelliana Treviso Extra Dry)

Add to your glass the juice of half a lemon

Add around half a dozen of raspberries (or a dozen depending on size)

Add the acacia honey

Pour in the Prosecco!

Villa Sandi Chambord cocktail

Villa Sandi Chambord cocktail

Summer Berry Blast Prosecco:

Ideal for those of you who love their gin, Prosecco and fresh berry fruits. Easy to make, very photogenic and of course, tastes great! Prosecco used was Villa Sandi Asolo Prosecco Superiore.

Add a hand full of frozen summer berry fruits (or fresh blueberries / raspberries) to your glass

Add a shot of gin (Pothecary Limited Edition Thai Blend)

Add 5ml of Chambord

Add a third of a glass of lemonade

Top up with Prosecco!

La Vigna di Sarah Prosecco Cocktail

La Vigna di Sarah Prosecco Cocktail

Peach and Gin Snaps Prosecco:

If you love a fruity cocktail then this one could be ideal for you! Packed with fresh slices of peach and a shot of gin, Prosecco makes this drink a fizzy fruity taste sensation! Prosecco used was La Vigna di Sarah Millesimato 2017 Extra Dry.

Slice a peach into thin wedges or cubes

Add a shot of gin (Caorunn small batch Scottish gin used)

Pour in the Prosecco!

Andreola Prosecco Cocktail

Andreola Prosecco Cocktail

An apple a day Prosecco:

Just as the names suggests we are focused on apples here. Prosecco will usually be apple / pear driven in flavours so here we are enforcing the flavours and adding a splash of fig liquor. A cocktail for this who like the sweeter option. Prosecco used was Andreola Dirupo Brut Valdobbiadene.

Chop a fresh peeled red skinned apple into cubes

Add a splash of fig liquor (Ælred 1889 Creme Figue du Var used)

Top up with chilled Prosecco!

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.