Emanuela from Kunej

23rd July 2021

Kunej Emanuela

The Emanuela we are referring to is not the name of a lady and neither is it an asteroid orbiting our sun (576 Emanuela), our Emanuela is in fact a sparkling wine made from three grape verities originating from Slovenia. Let us take a further look…

Located out on the east side of Slovenia towards the border with Croatia sits Kunej, nestled in the Posavska Wine Region (Bizeljsko Sremič).

Bordering Croatia and Hungary in the east, Podravje is Slovenia’s largest wine region covering some 9,650ha and is famous for its sparkling wines and world class dessert wines. The wines from this region are amongst Slovenia’s most prestigious, with wine being known of in this area since pre-historic times. Almost 97% of wine produced here is white wine. Officially two major areas, these are broken down into 7 smaller districts.” source thinkslovenia

House of Vines, Wine and Chocolate – Vinarstvo Kunej

A match made in heaven for many, sparkling wine and chocolate. Family Kunej has a history in their vineyards dating back to the close of the 19th century. Not only do they produce a range of still and two sparkling wines, but authentic chocolate products inspired by the Trappist monks are also made and sold. Lastly, you can take the ultimate tasting tour with Kunej House of Vine and Wine and Chocolate offering an unforgettable winery experience for all wine and chocolate lovers.

The two sparkling wines produced include the label Emanuela which is a traditional method three grape label (Chardonnay, Welschriesling and Sauvignon).

Vinarstvo Kunej Emanuela Sparkling Wine – Gold Medal Winner ‘Forget Me Not’ – Tasting notes: “An expressive nose showing honeysuckle, mixed yellow fruits, touch of lemon sponge cake (dry). Flavours are similar to aromas yet toned down. A soft citrus burst with yellow fruits, add yellow floral / honeysuckle in mid length and close.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.