Is it the End of Ice for Champagne Ice Buckets?

13th September 2016


The Kaelo, a new high-end interior design innovation, is an ‘iceless’ ice bucket that can be inset into a kitchen surface.  The ice-cold chamber chills bottles with minimal effort from the user, and, unlike traditional ice buckets, keeps them dry so that Champagne and fine wines can be poured with ease.  It maintains a consistently cold and dry environment for the bottle, so that wines do not become over over-chilled or too warm, thus preserving their flavour.

The hand-built device is stylish in design, featuring a mirror polished bezel and subtle lighting that softly illuminates the bottle.  It is surprisingly energy efficient, consuming less power that a 60 watt light bulb and can accommodate various bottle sizes up to a Krug Champagne bottle.  It cools down within minutes using a patented ‘Kryolux’ technology.

Kevin Jabou, Kaelo’s Founder and Managing Director, says: “there had to be a better solution for the modern world.  Ice buckets are over 200 years old and have common nuisances that everyone has to tolerate.  The ice age is finally over.”

The Kaelo is available through a network of leading designers and may be experienced in luxurious public and private venues.  It will also come to feature in luxury homes, members’ clubs, executive boxes, 5* hotels and on yachts and private jets.

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