English Producers to Host the French Wine Trade this Weekend

24th September 2015

The French wine trade and press are visiting England as part of Vinocamp this weekend.

Vinocamp is a forum that takes place over two days, bringing together wine trade professionals, innovators and commentators to discuss topical issues related to wine, including digital communication, markets, entrepreneurship and working together on future developments. The event also includes a day of vineyard visits within the host region.

The first day of Vinocamp will be in London, drawing inspiration from being at the heart of the global wine trade. The day will comprise discussion groups and workshops centred on topical issues including innovation in wine selling, marketing and communication.

An evening event at The Table Café near Tate Modern will bring English wines in to the spotlight with the involvement of participating producers such as Ridgeview Wine Estate, Bolney Wine Estate and Bluebell Vineyard Estates, with wines from Three Choirs Vineyards and Astley Vineyard also featuring.

The second day will take Vinocamp participants to two of Hampshire’s leading producers, Coates & Seely and Hattingley Valley.

Commenting on the forthcoming visit, Nicholas Coates, co-director of Coates & Seely said: “We’re delighted to have such an important group of opinion formers and enthusiasts from both the French and English wine worlds come to visit and we greatly look forward to sharing our wines and our experiences with them.”

Julia Trustram Eve, Marketing Director of English Wine Producers added: “It is a huge honour to have the opportunity to introduce some of our wonderful wines and industry to commentators and trade from across the Channel.. We very much look forward to showing what an exciting partof the wine world England is.”


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