English wine industry celebrates record-breaking 2013 harvest figures

12th May 2014

The harvest figures for 2013 have been released, revealing the highest production on record, a total of 33,384 hectolitres, equating to just below 4.5 million bottles, the highest volume ever, breaking a previous record of 4 million bottles in 2010. The increase reflects the ongoing rise in planting that the industry continues to experience. In the last seven years, hectarage has doubled, with some 500 hectares planted in the last two years alone. Sparkling wine now accounts for around two thirds of England’s total production with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier accounting for approximately 45% of recent plantings, followed by Bacchus.

Julia Trustram Eve, marketing director of English Wine Producers comments, “2013 was an excellent year for many UK vineyards, with a welcome long, warm summer that has resulted in some great quality wines as well as the highest ever volume produced. This is a growing industry, with demand still exceeding supply and the planting continues, with a number of new vineyards being established this year.



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