English Winemakers Benefit from Warmer Weather

12th November 2015

Climate change has been a boost to the development of the UK wine industry. The warmer weather has even allowed vineyards to start springing up in the north of the country, and even as far as Scotland. However, the top-class English sparkling wine is still currently centred in the South – mainly Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Cornwall.

The slight temperature increase helps ripen the grapes. It’s predicted that Winters will be warmer and the Summers will have less rain, further benefiting the vines.

Whether in the long term it’s going to remain as positive is unknown yet, but English winemakers are likely set to enjoy great Summers for grapes in the future. Hopeful wine producers have seen the potential of growing in the UK, shown by the applications to plant vines on the increase.


Glass of Bubbly

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