Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly at Le Pont de la Tour

21st October 2015

Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly at Le Pont de la Tour

Renowned French restaurant Le Pont de la Tour, which has just re-launched has also unveiled a brand new and über glamourous Bar and Grill. Boasting a terrace overlooking the Thames and Tower Bridge, the new destination offers creative cocktails, small plates, fabulous lighting and an exciting programme of live music from Thursday to Saturday each week.

Bar Manager Sotirios Sakkas, along with the Le Pont de la Tour bar team, has created a cocktail menu taking inspiration from Southern France, as well as the restaurant’s more immediate surroundings. The drinks list at Le Pont de la Tour features two signature selections – ‘Côte Provence’ and ‘Shad Thames’ – alongside its classic cocktails.

The ‘Côte Provence’ list champions traditional Provenҫal flavours, fruits, flowers and herbs. The French Riviera offers an unusual blend of ingredients, resulting in a different flavour from first sip to last – Babicka Vodka, fresh lemon and basil leaves muddled with gomme syrup, topped with crushed ice and Champagne, while the Provenҫal Garden explores the quintessential symbol of Provence, lavender – Belvedere vodka infused lavender, violette liqueur, lemon juice, cranberry juice, Champagne, shaken and served in a copper cup and garnished with flowers.
Le Pont de la Tour’s drinks list is accompanied by a succinct food menu created by head chef Frederick Forster. The menu is made up of small dishes such as Beignet of salt cod with saffron aϊoli, the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail; show-stopping oysters and crab, caviar and blinis; meats from the grill; and larger main dishes including a distinctive Niçoise Pan-Bagnat inspired burger served with Provençal vegetables and warm goat’s cheese.


Glass of Bubbly

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