Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly & Seafood at Randall & Aubin

7th December 2015

Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly & Seafood at Randall & Aubin

Launched in 1996, Randall & Aubin has become a renowned Soho establishment. The name Randall & Aubin was originally founded in  1908 as London’s first butcher’s shop, and gradually expanded to include cheese, a bakery and more gourmet food.

The venue has a strict no-booking policy with a relaxing and friendly environment. Great food for seafood lovers as  they serve some outstanding seafood classics here.

There are a fine selection of sparkling wines on offer, including Krug, Dom Pérignon, Goring Brut (English sparkling wine) and more. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a glass of bubbly in luxurious and characterful surroundings within the city.


Glass of Bubbly

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