Enjoy Bottomless Pizza & Prosecco in Manchester

16th March 2017


Buca di Pizza is taking over the old Baltic Cellar site on Lloyd Street and is set to open this spring.

They will be offering all-you-can-eat pizza and unlimited refills of Prosecco.

This new venue follows on from their successful place in Leeds where diners have 90 minutes to enjoy their Pizza and Prosecco for £22.

They have a range of pizzas including classic Italian toppings such as margherita, pepperoni and quattro stagion. Buca also have their own creations including Hickory Pig (hickory-smoked pulled pork, pancetta, barbecue sauce, mozzarella, and chantico-spiced cheddar.

You will also be able to enjoy Prosecco cocktails such as the bellini. So if you love pizza and Prosecco this will be a place you’ll want to visit.


Glass of Bubbly

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