Enjoy Bottomless Prosecco Sunday Lunch in Leicester

30th July 2016

bottomless prosecco offers UK

Diners can’t seem to get enough of that bubbly Italian wine as bottomless Prosecco brunches have taken over the UK.

In the midlands, restaurant The Cookie will be offering a traditional Sunday roast dinner with a twist, offering a choice of either free-flowing Prosecco or three cocktails to pair with the menu.

To keep things fresh, the menu will change weekly. The menu consists of 3 courses for £10, with the bottomless Prosecco for an extra £5.

This offer starts from August 7th, so make sure to book.

The Cookie is a venue for music, comedy, movies and good food. Their restaurant is called ‘The Kitchen’ which was launched in January 2016 and is run by chef Nicholas Towarianskij.


Glass of Bubbly

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