Enjoy Fizz Cocktails With Eden Mill’s 12 Gins of Christmas

21st December 2018


Eden Mill – Scotland’s first single site brewery and distillery has released these special Christmas themed gifts for you or your loved ones to enjoy.

12 Gins of Christmas (£50 – 12 x 5cl) – The new 12 Gins of Christmas is now available now, including 12 new flavours for this season. A beautiful 2 layer presentation box containing a range of 6 x gins and 6 x Gin liqueurs and 2 x branded tulip glasses (Various ABV).

This beautifully presented box set contains a 12 x 5CL miniatures, a booklet to record and rate your favourites and to explore the many botanicals and flavour profiles that our gins have to offer. We’ve even shared ‘The Eden Mill Way’, which is our Mixologists cocktail of choice. Why not try adding your favourite Champagne or Sparkling Wine for your own festive fizzy cocktail.


Eden Mill's 12 Gins of Christmas

Eden Mill’s 12 Gins of Christmas


Each gin is contained within a 2 layer presentation box.

  • No 1 – Candy Cane Gin [40%] – Candied, cool peppermint with hints of light, berry fruits and a zesty, peppery finish.
  • No 2 – Caraway & Black Pepper Gin [42%] – Lavender, mint & liquorice aromas with an earthy spice of black pepper.
  • No 3 – Elderflower & Lemon Gin [45%] – Fresh meadow elderflower and refreshing sweet citrus notes.
  • No 4 – Chilli & Ginger Snap Gin [42%] – An infusion of Hot chilli peppers & zesty root ginger.
  • No 5 – Plum & Pink Grapefruit Gin [46%] – Sweet plum notes balanced by the citrus tartness of the pink grapefruit.
  • No 6 – Blueberry & Vanilla Gin [41%] – Sweet caramelised blueberry on the nose with a hint of Madagascan vanilla.
  • No 7 – Love Gin Liqueur [20%]
  • No 8 – Baked Apple Cinnamon & Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur [20%] – [Eden Mill] – Sweet, candied apple with toffee/caramel notes and a cinnamon warmth.
  • No 9 – Lavender Gin Liqueur [20%] –  Sweet lavender flavour with gentle lemon notes.
  • No 10 – Spiced Rhubarb & Blackcurrant Gin Liqueur [20%] – Juicy blackcurrant and fiery ginger balanced by a rhubarb sweetness.
  • No 11 – Forest Fruits Gin Liqueur [20%] – Bursts of juicy, forest fruits with a jam-like sweetness to finish.
  • No 12 – Citrus Medley Gin Liqueur [20%] – Zesty, citrus character with a touch of sweetness from the orange & grapefruit.
  • 2 x Branded Tulip Glasses
  • 1 x Booklet explaining the story and inspiration behind each gin as well as its suggested serve.

The Candy Cane Gin is available to buy separately (£30 – 70cl) – Perfect for Christmas parties, social gatherings or festive drinks with loved ones throughout the season. Using peppermint for flavour, and bilberry and hibiscus for colour, Christmas won’t be the same without this gin. Sweet on the palate, with a subtle juniper resin leads to a warmer, rich minty character with hints of light, berry fruits (40% ABV).

As is the Love Gin (£30 – 70cl) – This famous light blush pink gin from Eden Mill brings together an outstanding blend of local botanicals and exotic fruits. A fan favourite whatever the season (42% ABV).



Oliver Walkey

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