Enjoy Prosecco Desserts this Christmas

7th December 2016


If enjoying a glass of Prosecco isn’t enough for you this Christmas, you can also enjoy Prosecco in many desserts this year.

Waitrose is selling a Prosecco Panettone and a Semi-Fredo festive dessert made with meringue and Prosecco cream.

Asda has an Extra Special Italian Panettone & Prosecco pudding, which has Prosecco and brandy infused cinnamon sauce and plump sultanas, hand finished with candied glacé orange slices.

Tesco has a Finest Prosecco sponge pudding, an all butter sponge pudding made with Prosecco, topped with Prosecco syrup, sweetened dried cranberries and gold sparkle for decoration. They also have an Arden And Amici Panettone, which is a twist on the classic Italian cake made using a 48 year old mother dough, butter, sultanas and generously laced with Prosecco.

Fraccaro has created Panettone Alla Crema di Prosecco, a luxury version with oozing pockets of creamy Prosecco filling, available from Carluccio’s.

Glass of Bubbly

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