Enjoy Sturia Caviar with a Glass of Bubbly

17th August 2016

Enjoy Sturia Caviar with a Glass of Bubbly

If you’ve ever fancied adding an extra layer of specialness to drinking a glass of bubbly, caviar could be just the thing.  Although caviar has long been associated with refinement and luxury, it is only over the past couple of decades that companies have started breeding sturgeons specifically for caviar production and Sturgeon, who produce the Sturia label of the high-quality salt-cured fish eggs, are leaders in the sector. They have provided some tips for how to enjoy caviar.

There are three ways to enjoy caviar.  With the first of these, you can pretend to be a real coniosseur by clenching your fist and placing the equivalent of a spoonful of caviar on the flat part below your thumb.  Observe the caviar, then swallow it, rolling the grains under the palate for as long as possible.  If you prefer a less messy experience, you can eat caviar from a mother of pearl spoon.  Put the caviar on ice to keep it fresh and take a small spoonful, savouring the crunchy eggs that roll in the mouth in particular.  An alternative is to serve caviar with food.  As an appetizer or apéritif, it may be enjoyed on blinis, on warm, small potatoes cut in two or on a soft-boiled egg.  Caviar also goes well on a langoustine tartare, oyster jelly or added at the final cooking stage of a bass steak.



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