Enjoying Champagne in Mykonos

6th September 2022

A glass of Bubbly

What could be finer than enjoying an ice-cold glass of Champagne? Enjoying an ice cold glass of Champagne in one of the many luxurious Mykonos hotels that populate this glorious Greek island of course!

Imagine laying back on a comfortable sun lounger with the sun reflecting off the pool – or sea and beach if that’s more your thing – with the light bouncing off of the surface of the stunningly clear turquoise water. Not a cloud in the sky and a glass of bubbly in your hand.

Of course, the only problem is that, unless you’re enjoying a waiter service, your bottle of bubbly is going to heat up quickly. Wines can begin to cook at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and higher mark, which will affect the taste. As well as the exposure to exceedingly warm temperatures, direct sunlight can also kill the flavor in your bottles.

The best temperature to serve Champagne is 8 – 10º C (47 – 50° F) which is about the same temperature as the cellar where the Champagne was originally produced and stored. The best way to prevent your champers from cooking is to either keep it in the fridge inside if possible. However, if you are feeling particularly lazy you may want to avoid getting up and down every time you’ve supped up.

In this case, find yourself a shady spot. One that allows you to bask in the glory of the scorching hot sun, but allows you keep your bubbles out of the blaze. Better still, get yourself an ice bucket and fill it with the coldest water possible as well as plenty of ice cubes and, here is a handy insider tip, a healthy helping of table salt. This will allow even a warm bottle to reach the perfect temperature in just half an hour even if you are outdoors without access to a fridge as the water and salt conduct the cold faster, taking your Champagne bottle around half an hour to reach its optimum drinking temperature.

Whether in a shady spot or not, place a white cloth over the top of the bucket. It goes without saying that you cannot beat the sun, but you can delay the inevitable giving you as much time as possible to enjoy your Champagne while holidaying in style on the luxurious Greek island of Mykonos.

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