Enjoying Champagne in the Bath

5th November 2021

Enjoying Champagne in the Bath

I must say that I have enjoyed Champagne in the bath a few times especially when on wine tours or hotel reviews. It is not uncommon sometimes to be left a complimentary bottle of Champagne (or other sparkling wine) and when you are in a very nice hotel with that ever so tempting bath then there is temptation leading you to enjoy a glass of bubbly in the bubbles!

This of course expands out to hot tubs and Jacuzzis which even when manufacturers do their marketing they will regularly show people enjoying them whilst indulging with wine.

There is something of the high society lifestyle, romance and self indulgence when it comes to a glass of Champagne in the bath! Many of us, those who prefer their baths over a shower, see this time as some me time, where you can catch up on apps on your phone, read some pages of that book / magazine, listen to some music, have some fragrance candles, bath bombs, plastic ducks and more.

Many bubble baths / bath bombs are named Champagne in fragrance as they know the synergy between baths and wine is strong thus excellent marketing opportunities to explore. Just a quick search on Google for wine bath bombs deliveries countless examples with rosé wine being one of the most popular options.

Champagne on ice in the Bath

Champagne on ice in the Bath!


There is also the opportunity to enjoy Champagne from a bath! Sometimes at parties, such as releases of new Champagne labels, there will be a bath full of ice and ready to pop bottles.

Those steaming hot baths really call out for some chilled Champagne no? What better thirst quencher than a glass of Champagne in the bath… but we must consider here dehydration which will happen if you combine hot baths:

Sitting in a hot tub with hot water and steam causes you to sweat just like sitting in a sauna might. Hot tubs mimic the effects of mild exercise by opening up your circulation and increasing your heart rate. Just like you take precautions to stay hydrated while working out, you should do the same when soaking in a hot tub.” source backyardscape

Those of us who spend that bit longer sitting / laying in a hot bath and topping up with hot water will know fully well how if you do not have a glass of water or similar next to you to drink (during) then you can start to feel faint and especially when it comes to getting out and drying yourself. Bathing in water above 39C (102F) can have various physiological effects on the body that may lead to some serious consequences.

Here is where enjoying Champagne in a bath needs to be a careful consideration and certainly should be accompanied by another non alcoholic drink such as water.

  • Do not use water above 39C (102F).
  • Make sure you have a bottle / glass of water accessible.
  • Do not consume too much Champagne / alcohol in a hot bath.
  • Do not leave any candles burning in the bathroom when it is unattended.
  • Remember that strong fragrances such as from bath oils / bombs / salts / candles can reduce the aromas and flavours from your Champagne.
  • If taking a bottle of Champagne to the bath with you then think about placing it in an ice bucket or cooler sleeve as the room can get hot and steaming and heat the contents of the bottle / glass!
  • Try not to use any glass in the (use plastic glasses if possible) and take care when pouring from the glass bottle.
  • Make sure your bottle is pre opened prior to getting into your bath for safety reasons.


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.