Eredi Legonziano Extra Dry Rosé

6th November 2014

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Lanciano, Castelfrentano with south- southwest facing vineyards.

GRAPES: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (100%).

TRAINING SYSTEM: Counter-trellis and Abruzzo trellis.

TYPE OF SOIL: Mixed pebbly soil to clayey.


HARVEST: Manual harvest, within the last ten days ofSeptember.

VINIFICATION: Soft pressing, fermentation in small stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. The processing of Rosé is perhaps the most delicate, as the process of maceration on the skins has to be carefully controlled, in order to have the perfect nuance of colour.

FERMENTATION: In autoclave, ageing 2 months of on lees.

CHARACTERISTICS: Bright pink colour. The nose is intense and complex, fragrant and lively. Red fruit, such as strawberry and cherry are the most powerful, but also hints of pear and rose. The taste is pleasant and elegant, with a delicate tannins which all together make it a full body, velvety and very enjoyable fizz.


ALCOHOL: 12.5% vol.

PAIRINGS: Perfect with prawns and shrimp, it goes in a sublime way with breaded sole and Sushi. Also with complex or spiced fish recipes, such as bouillabaisse or peppered mussels and clams. This is a very summary fizz, perfect for an outdoor party.

Glass of Bubbly

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