Eredi Legonziano Winery in Italy

5th November 2014

Eredi Legonziano winery comes from a viticultural history that has its roots in the passion for the land and its most precious fruit: wine. A past full of deep meanings that has its roots as far back as 2,000 years ago, to the legendary figure of Lanciano ancestor Legonziano (or Longinus). The tradition places him at the foot of the Holy Cross, then guarding the tomb of Jesus, recognizing him as the first “Gentile” to convert to Christianity.

After leaving the militias, the Holy centurion retired in Lanciano, to a paternal estate “cultivating his vineyards” conducting a life of work and holiness, until his martyrdom. In his honour a church was erected in the heart of Lanciano, where it still stands today. This corner of our beautiful and charming Abruzzo, nestled between the Majella and the Adriatic Sea, is the background of our great wines!


Strengthened by this evocative past, and aware of the potential of the area, today skilled technicians and professionals monitor the entire production chain, ensuring quality and traceability of products. Cold maceration and soft pressing machines, osmosis’ filters, as well as controlled temperature stainless steel fermenters are all made with the latest technologies.

Indeed, respecting traditions, but with an eye to thefuture and innovation, in 2004 the winery has begunexperimenting the production of sparkling wine, classic and Charmat method, with the aim of enhancing the region and fulfilling its potential.

Indeed, for decades, Abruzzo white wines have been sold to major bottling companies, both in Italy and abroad, to produce sparkling wines. With this important premise, Eredi Legonziano started this sparkling production experience, using only indigenous varieties, in order to show that Abruzzo varieties, thanks to their harmony, texture and freshness, can create amazing bubbles!


With pride, in 2012 Eredi Legonziano has been the first and it is still the only one to produce DOC sparkling wines in Abruzzo, all made with autochthonous grapes, such as Cococciola, Pecorino, Passerina and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

“36” is the name of the first Abruzzo DOC champenois method, a blend of Pecorino, Passerina and Cococciola, re-fermented in bottle and aged for 36 months. It represents the cutting edge of Eredi Legonziano production, a product that is appreciated for its unique scents and the surprising balance between freshness and complexity.

It has been awarded by the Italian Sommeliers Association as the best sparkling wine of the region, it has also received a silver medal at the China Wine and Spirits Award of Hong Kong, and it will be, in several tasting guides, such as Gambero Rosso, demonstrating the quality of this great Italian sparkling wine!


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