Eto – New Gadget Keeps Wine Fresh for 10 days After Opening

5th July 2017


eto is a beautiful innovation in wine preservation which has reached 1000% of its funding target on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, with two days to go before the campaign ends at 11:59am BST on Thursday July 6th.

eto extends the life of your opened bottle thanks to its patented design that creates an air-tight seal between the wine and the air.

“For me, the results were unanimous: there was no perceptible difference between a freshly opened bottle and the eto-stored sample.” Richard Hemming Master of Wine.

eto solves a simple problem – once you open a bottle air mixes with the wine and starts to oxidise and within a number of days it develops a vinegary taste. With 50 million litres of wine poured down the sink every year, eto offers a new way to reduce waste, save money and enjoy perfectly preserved wine whenever you choose.

eto is a beautifully designed wine decanter with an innovative preservation system that keeps your wine perfectly fresh, ensuring you never waste a drop again. Its patented design keeps wine preserved for at least 12 days, as proven by independent laboratory tests – and extensive blind taste tests with wine industry experts.

The development of the innovative sealing design and the specialist high-precision glass required were challenging goals – and have taken almost 5 years to perfect. Independent tests conducted at Bangor University prove that the unique patented seal achieves that goal – protecting wine from oxidation perfectly for weeks – and far out-performs all other wine preservation products tested.

As well as an effective wine preservation system, eto is a beautifully designed, premium decanter that offers drip-free pouring and fits perfectly in the fridge door. Decant your whole bottle of wine into eto, serve, then push down the neck and the unique patented design forms a complete seal preventing any further contact with oxygen, to preserve your wines full flavour.

eto’s creator Tom Cotton, is a Welsh London-based product designer, with nearly 20 years experience in bringing products from concept to market. eto means again in Welsh, which perfectly sums up the joy of the product. eto allows you to enjoy wine again, and again –without sacrificing either its taste or our planet.

Retailing from £79. Kickstarter price from £59.The eto Kickstarter campaign runs until midday 6th July still time to back eto.

eto is an exceptional new product for the wine industry – we believe eto will transform the way we drink wine.

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