Exclusive Interview with Olivier Krug

27th February 2017


As a wine writer, there are always certain labels you must taste in order to confidently compare tastes and experiences, within Champagne Krug is a must. Prestigious and specialised, traditional with charm, since 1843 Krug Champagne has certainly made itself a highly respected name within king of wines and wine of kings as the Everest when it comes to whom the industry looks up to.

The ever busy international travelling Olivier Krug was kind enough to be exclusively interviewed for us at Glass of Bubbly. I would love to say that the interview took place in a luxurious room, sat in Wingback antique Chesterfield chairs in front of a roaring fire with a glass of vintage Krug in hand and a jazz tune by Oscar and Milt Jackson in the background, but alas we relied on modern day communication methods and email correspondence came to the rescue.

Is the way in which people are discovering and buying Champagne these days changing, especially since social media is here?

When I started 25 years ago, everything was slow and requiring much effort. An open minded consumer was dependant on a few people who knew. In some ways, these people had the power to share or not to share their knowledge. They also had the power to be subjective with things. As a young man, I remember that it was very frustrating not to have access to information as fast as I wished and to have that feeling that I did not have everything you needed to know.

Social media and digital have indeed changed the game. The world has changed and this has immensely helped a house like Krug. Indeed, we have so much to say and share. So many intriguing details, specific anecdotes, unforgettable moments… Digital has given the access to all those who strive to discover more. Digital can also offer ways to enhance the experience. From service rituals to suggested pairings. At Krug, we are offering musical pairings with a generous playlist available on the Krug App.

Krug, for many, is seen as the Rolls-Royce within the industry, what one special quality sums up your Champagne house?

All started with the dream of the founder, his visionary idea to create a Champagne that offers every year the most generous expression of Champagne. This was based on two strong beliefs: the uncompromising quality through the obsession to detail and the fact that there would be no hierarchy between the cuvées. More than 170 years later, Krug is the only Champagne house that can offer its 163rd edition of a prestige cuvée.

Where is the most memorable place you have enjoyed a glass of bubbly?

Probably the only one I forgot… On my lips, the day I was born!

Memorable experiences are indeed part of Krug. I meet everyday people who spontaneously share their first
time experiences. Thanks to the digital, KrugLovers can share their experiences on social media. They tag me a lot on
Instagram @krugoli. I love all of them but not those where I see a flute! A great Champagne, even in a beautiful picture, can not expect to be enjoyed from a tiny flute. There is so much more to discover from a proper glass.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.