Experience a Special Champagne Experience During the Harvest

25th August 2017


The Champagne harvest begins the last week of August /beginning of September. There are Champagne houses which are offering tours during the harvest, including picking grapes or dinner in the vineyard.

Enjoy a tour and tasting during the grape harvest at Champagne Yveline Prat

The grape harvest is the most important period. During the tour discover the pressing of the grapes, you will be able to taste the harvested grapes, assist with loading the wine press (if possible), taste the freshly pressed grape juices (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir/Meunier according to the wine press) and discover the work in cellar during the grape harvest.

The tour will be followed by a tasting of 3 Champagnes.

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Enjoy grape picking at night and dinner at harvest time at Champagne Gremillet

You will visit the cellar and attend the grape pressing. Later on, for the aperitif, you will try 3 different Champagnes and enjoy dinner with the harvesting team amidst the joy and the euphoria of the harvest! At twilight, you will be led to the Clos Rocher, a parcel planted with Pinot Noir.

There you will receive your pair of gloves, your harvest basket and a canister. Then it will be your turn to play! Please be assured, an experienced grape harvester will be with you all along.

When the grape baskets have been collected you will proceed to the wine presses, where you will share the final ‘friendship’ glass.

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Be a grape picker for 1 day at Champagne Albert Beerens

Learn about the work of a wine grower and the unique atmosphere of the grape harvest by hand.

You will have a warm welcome by the wine grower who will give you a presentation of the techniques of grape picking (a grape picker’s kit is provided: pruning shears, bucket, etc.).

After the presentation, you will be dropped in the heart of the vineyard where you are going to pick the grapes together with the grape pickers. In between the grape picking, you will have a coffee break with the team. The coffee break will be accompanied by salty/sweet biscuits. The picking of the grapes will take approximately 1.5 hour.

Once back on the domain, you will have a guided tour of the installations with a presentation of the elaboration from grape into Champagne.

Enjoy a tasting of Vintage Champagnes followed by a lunch in this Champagne region. Before your departure, you will get a bottle to remember the day.

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