Explore Wales with Welsh Wine Trails

2nd November 2015

Explore Wales with Welsh Wine Trails

The Welsh wine industry has seen a 70% increase of bottles produced in the last ten years, now producing 100,000 a year.

The award-winning vineyards of Wales have grouped together to create a Welsh Vineyards Association to promote the growing wine sector in Wales.

At Welsh Wine Trails, there are 12 places you can visit, including Ancre Hill, Parva Farm, Whitecastle, and many other picturesque vineyards. You can taste award-winning sparkling wine and learn about winemaking in Wales from the passionate growers.

Some facts about Welsh wine from Welsh Wine Trails:

  • Welsh wines are world-beaters – Ancre Hill Estates’ 2008 vintage was voted best sparkling wine in the world at the Bollicine del Mondo International Competition in Italy in 2012.
  • Welsh vineyards are a good place to get close to rare and unusual wildlife – walk with llamas through Glyndwr Vineyard in the Vale of Glamorgan or feed a pair of red kites at Jabajak Vineyard in Carmarthenshire.
  • More than 20 different grape varieties are grown in vineyards across Wales.

Find out more at their website.


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