Faìve Rosé Brut Sparkling Time

25th June 2014

Faive Rose Brut

Faìve Rosé Brut

Pronunciation: Fie-EE-vay

Faive, from the Venetian dialect, are the embers and sparks

rising towards the sky from a great fire, lightly and freely carried by the wind.

A well chilled Rose

A well chilled Rose

FaiveSnowFire & Ice

Faive in the Snow Fire & Ice

All seasons, All places

A sparkling wine from red grapes and cold contact of must with skins to add colour.

Salami, Shrimp, Spicy, Salty, Grilled Tuna, Salad Niçoise

Grilled Chicken, Olives,

The grave accent ( ` )  is a diacritical mark

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