Fancy trying Prosecco Tea?

9th December 2016


Love Prosecco and love tea, sometimes not sure which to have, when you really want both, well now you can by enjoying Prosecco-infused tea. The Aldi Speciality range of teas has been produced especially for Christmas. A box costs £1.89 for 15 bags.

The Speciality range of tea has been produced especially for Christmas and is sold in Aldi. They have already sold out online, but you may be lucky to pick up a box in store. A box costs £1.89 for 15 bags.

These limited edition Prosecco-flavoured tea bags will get you feeling festive, however as the tea is infused it contains no alcohol.

Here are a few other Prosecco themed products available this Christmas:

Marks and Spencer winter berries and Prosecco crisps
Tesco Finest Prosecco and elderflower crisps
Health and Heritage Prosecco and strawberry caramel popcorn
Health and Heritage Prosecco lip balm and gloss

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