Fantasy Forest Cocktail

19th June 2023

Fantasy Forest Cocktail

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.

The best kind of surprise, a specially crafted original Glass of Bubbly Cocktail, delivering gorgeous flavours and a smoothing mouth feel, crafted with Založnik, a Slovenian Sparkling Wine and Hepple’s Gin & Sloe Gin from Northumberland in England.

So let’s start walking through the woods and discover what’s hidden within.

The Sparkling Wine

Založnik hosts both a vineyard and fruit farm, cultivating and fulfilling their tradition for the past four generations, since 1911.

“The vine grows well in the shadow of the master”

Located on the slopes of Pohorje, on the golden green hills of beautiful Škalce, above Slovenske Konjice. Their vines grow on the highest terroir of the famous Škalce, where the sun is abundant throughout the year.

“In our vineyards, we strive to grow healthy and high-quality grapes, because we are aware that only such grapes can produce a top-quality drop. We produce wines exclusively from grapes that we grow ourselves in our vineyards. We breathe and live for the fact that we can compete with other, even larger, wine producers on the Slovenian market in terms of quality.” – Založnik

Winery Založnik – Bela Penina

Aroma – “Delicate yellow floral, yellow rose petals with subtle dried citrus, zesty lemon, lemon pulp and candy lemon on the aroma.”

Flavour – “Zesty lemon, zesty citrus, notes of lemon pulp, skin and juice, a touch of wild yellow floral, nectar and yellow rose petals on the palate.”

Silver Medal in the Zesty & Zingy category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022


The Gin

Hepple Spirits were founded in 2014, with an untapped passion for their home and untamed wonders, they became obsessed with the flavour and extracting it as precisely as possible, and dedicated to the cocktail community, whether that’s at home or in the top bars around the world, they’re over the moon to share with you a taste of the wild moors of Northumberland.

Their classic Gin is a modern take on the intense green juniper, which transports you to the moors in one of England’s last wild sanctuaries. And their Hepple Sloe & Hawthorn Gin, smooth and delicate with juniper, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, angelica root, oak and zesty undertones.

Wander the hills and hedgerows of Hepple with their incredibly rounded and perfectly balanced, Hepple Sloe & Hawthorn Gin, with notes of almond, red and black cherries, juniper and hints of subtle pepper.

The Fantasy Forest Cocktail


  • Sparkling Wine
  • Gin
  • Sloe Gin
  • Cream Soda
  • Lemon Wheel
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary

How To Make The Fantasy Forest Cocktail

  • Start with 10mls of Gin
  • Add in 75mls of Sparkling Wine
  • 25mls of Cream Soda
  • 10mls of Sloe Gin
  • Garnish with a Lemon Wheel, Two Twigs of Thyme and a Piece of Rosemary

Fantasy Forest Cocktail Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Elegantly sweet sloe berries, dried lemon, natural herbs, delicate juniper berries, and a wholesome fresh English countryside feel.”

Flavour – “The palate almost mimics the wonderful aroma, with elegantly sweet sloe berries and aged lemon juice, hints of the herbal gardens and juniper bringing it all together.”

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Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.