Ferrari Italian Sparkling Wines Selection

30th June 2015

Ferrari Italian Sparkling Wines Selection

Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore

A first-class Italian wine. A Chardonnay with delightful golden highlights against a background of brilliant yellow.

Taste: Sumptuous suggestions arise from its creamy, velvety body, with hints of acacia honey accompanied by notes of exotic fruit. The over ten years of ageing on the yeasts yield a finish of great complexity, which amazes you with its elegance and freshness.

Ferrari Perlé

The best Chardonnay from the family’s vineyards is used to make this vintage.

Taste: Elegant and harmonious: it stands out thanks to the unmistakable fruity, aromatic sensations that are typical of Chardonnay. These are followed by a slightly almondy finish of great persistence, the result of long ageing on the yeasts.

Ferrari Maximum Brut

A 100% Chardonnay for the restaurant sector. Versatile in its ability to match with food, to whose flavours it adds a gentle caress. A great all-rounder.

Taste: A fresh and lively flavour, enhanced by the velvety softness of the bubbles. The typical fruity notes of Chardonnay combine with fragrances of yeast.


For special discounts, please contact L’arte dei vini. in Pompei, via S.Giuseppe 14 (Naples)

Written by Dario Capparella

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