Ferrari Trento Releases Ferrari Riserva Bruno Lunelli 2006

10th November 2022


The long-awaited second vintage of the Riserva that Ferrari Trento dedicates to the founder of the Lunelli family is a collector’s edition bottle that is also an NFT

Ferrari Trento dedicates a second vintage of Ferrari Riserva Bruno Lunelli to the founder of the Lunelli family. The 2006 marks the 100th anniversary of the visionary entrepreneur’s birth and is a unique collector’s item. The result of painstaking work in the vineyard and in the cellar, this special Riserva is distinguished by the particular shape of the bottle with its convex base, and is also paired with Ferrari’s first NFT, making it a candidate for becoming the perfect synthesis of the companies founding values.

For 120 years, Ferrari has been writing a story of passion for the Trentino region and its mountain vineyards, the most important pages of which tell of constant innovation. A characteristic that Bruno Lunelli had picked up from the founder, Giulio Ferrari, and that he transformed into an entrepreneurial spirit, launching the company’s success in Italy and abroad. Today, Bruno’s grandchildren, the third generation of the Lunelli family, pay tribute to him with a Riserva, produced in only 6891 numbered bottles, which embarks upon the world of NFT (Non-Fungible Token), a digital certificate of authenticity that guarantees the uniqueness of each bottle, thanks to blockchain technology.

After rigorous work to select the plots from which to harvest the best Chardonnay, a masterful blend and sixteen years of ageing, the Ferrari Riserva Bruno Lunelli 2006 raises the bar of perfection. Complex, deep, ripe and at the same time light, with generous perlage and extremely long persistence, this signature sparkling wine forges a subtle bond between strength and finesse. Distinctively from 2006, a year which was characterised by an alternation of climatic events as particular as they were unexpected, the personality of this Trentodoc is unique, just like that of the man who courageously traced the path of success for Casa Ferrari.

The greatness of this sparkling wine, cared for in every detail by the house oenologists coordinated by Ruben Larentis, is also emphasised by the particularly refined design that encloses it, protects it and exalts the myth. In fact, Ferrari Trento conceived the form and content of this Riserva as true works of art in dialogue: each bottle, with its memorable convex base, is offered in an individually presented case or in 120 wooden crates of six bottles. Inside is a card with a QR code that can be used to download, through a personalised and guided experience, one’s own NFT, which is composed of an artistic 3D rendering of the bottle of Ferrari Riserva Bruno Lunelli, combined with a graphic pattern. Each NFT, as a digital collectible version of the purchased bottle, is unique and different in its identification.

“The Ferrari Riserva Bruno Lunelli is an act of love and gratitude towards our grandfather Bruno Lunelli and a perfect synthesis of his values and visionary spirit,” says Matteo Lunelli, President and CEO of Ferrari Trento. “With its extraordinary expressiveness and longevity, it is a Trentodoc that is faithful to the Ferrari style and a perfect expression of Trentino’s mountain viticulture, but, at the same time, highly innovative. Starting with the bottle, unique in the world and designed ad hoc, which with its convex base requires it to be moved only by hand at every stage of its creation. A provocation to ensure that it is only stored lying down and served, as is obligatory, in the bucket. Innovation is also found in the presence of an NFT that guarantees the authenticity of each numbered specimen.”

With this wine, which comes 11 years after the first vintage of 1995 and sees the light of day on the 120th anniversary of the winery, Ferrari Trento strengthens the bond with its history, but continues to look to the future, pushing the boundaries of excellence ever higher.

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