Find the Perfect Bubbly for your Barbecue

20th July 2016

Find the Perfect Bubbly for your Barbecue

British summer has finally arrived!  You never quite know how long the hot weather’s going to last, so why not fire up the barbie while it’s still here.  We can recommend bubbles to suit every barbecue guest.

It isn’t a British barbie without beef burgers, grilled to perfection and presented in a bap with ketchup or brown sauce.  Serve with Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve Champagne to add a fine French twist.

Hotdogs are another barbecue classic.  Barbecue-goers can choose from all sorts of sausages beyond the standard plain banger, with varieties that incorporate herbs, spices, and fruit.  Pair with Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava to make your gourmet hotdog even more of a treat.

Kebabs are a great way for amateur chefs to get creative with colours and flavours at the barbecue, as well as easily include vegetables such as peppers and onions in their offerings.  Lamb goes well with Ridgeview Blanc de Blancs 2013.

Dieters often groan at the mention of a barbecue, fearing all their hard work will be undone in an afternoon of indulgence.  Barbecues aren’t just about fatty meats and carbs, however, with many hosts putting on a buffet-like spread for those who fancy something a bit lighter.  Filling and healthy, a chicken salad is the ideal outdoor meal for the health-conscious guest.  Pair with Ca’Del Bosco Franciacorta for a fruity finish.

Vegetarianism is an increasingly popular ethical and health choice, and barbecue hosts have expanded their offerings accordingly.  Gone are the days when hosts would find out a guest was vegetarian at the last minute, and desperately cast around their kitchen for suitable food.  Meat substitutes, vegetable kebabs, and halloumi have become barbecue staples in recent years and go well with Villa Sandi Rosato Spumante Brut Il Fresco.


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