First Champagne Tour with BKWine

4th February 2016

First Champagne Tour with BKWine

For the first time a Champagne tour is featured on BKWine’s English language program. It will include a combination of prestigious houses and independent Champagne producers. The focus will be on the top quality ‘independent growers’ Champagne that has become very trendy, but that is difficult to access for outsiders.

Britt Karlsson, founder of BKWine, comments on the tours: “We want to give our guests a unique insight into the world of wine, informative of course but above all enjoyable. We have a unique network of contacts in the wine regions, thanks to the hundreds of tours we have organised over the years and thanks to that we are also internationally recognised wine writers, in fact unique among wine tour operators. For us wine is also closely linked to food so the gastronomy always plays an important part on the wine tours.”

All BKWine wine tours include extensive private tastings at the numerous wineries visited, approximately 10 wineries on each tour, as well as exclusive gourmet meals, often at the wineries and chateaux visited. All tours are guided either by BKWine’s founders, Britt and Per (who recently won the “Nobel Prize of Wine Literature” awarded by the OIV), or by one of BKWine’s expert wine guides.


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