Fizzy Gin Cocktails with #Bubblyology

9th March 2017

Glass of Bubbly cocktails Gin

Champagne, Prosecco, English Sparkling, Crémant and more are all on the rise in popularity as is the pairing of them within a whole host of cocktail variations. Most bars these days will have a few cocktails to chose from, many being the well known and loved options and at times we may have see that the bar / drinks manager has pushed the boat out with some unique examples for us to enjoy.

Gin is one of my favourite spirits, I simply love the varied tastes you can enjoy from many varied internationally known producers and a growing number of craft gin makers from up and down the UK. So, what about pairing two of my favourite drinks to experience some fine gin fizz experiences? Glass of Bubbly have created #Bubblyology to experiment with making cocktails from fine sparkling wine labels and gin makers and our first event was sponsored and hosted by Linden House Hotel which is only a stones throw from Stansted airport.

So, who took part in our first #Bubblyology? Christopher Walkey (Founder of Glass of Bubbly), Mikul Kalyan (Gin enthusiast and Sales Manager for Martin Miller’s Gin) and Tanya Mann (International Wine and Spirits writer).

Tasting notes from the gins:

Martin Miller’s Original Gin – 40%

Christopher (C): Lemon zest on the nose and a bunch of orange, lemon and lime in taste

Mikul (M): Citrus led gin with dry cucumber finish

Tanya (T): Orange flavours and rounded on the palate

9 Moons Barrel rested Gin – 40%

C: Spicy character to the taste

M: Do drink this neat to capture the hints of vanilla and oak with botanical notes coming through

T: Unusual, orange zest in the background with a spicy taste

Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength – 45.2%

C: Orange and lime zest on the nose with a cucumber taste

M: A very classic juniper led gin

T: A beautiful long aftertaste of citrus and cucumber

Strane London Dry Gin – 47.4%

C: Refreshing pine on the nose with a juniper lengthy taste

M: Juniper and pine, a very classic style gin

T: Pine and spice led gin and quite punchy

Nautical American Gin – 42%

C: Sweet, pine and spicy taste

M: Orris taste with sweet vanilla

T: A quite sweet vanilla taste

Pothecary Gin – 44.8%

C: Zesty nose and plenty of deep lavender on the taste, quite a stand out taste

M: Lavender on the nose, plenty of lavender on the taste that it has in fact made it spicy too

T: Plenty of lavender on the nose and palate

Foxhole Gin – 40%

C: Creamy taste, floral and white wine / leafy aroma

M: Grappa taste

T: Orange, blossom, floral, full bodied

Sloemotion Gin – 26%

C: Cherry, dansom on the nose with taste of plums

M: Appears not to be filtered too many times, give it a good shake

T: Very plummy

Sloane Lone Stag Spirit

C: Berries on the nose and a bitter Ribena taste

M: Adult Ribena

T: Raspberry puree body


We also had a selection of three sparkling wines which were:

Champagne Veuve Rayer

Cremant Oedoria

Fox and Fox 2013 Blancs de Blanc English Sparkling Wine

Tips to do your own bubbly cocktail (By Tanya Mann).

1. Fruity driven Prosecco is better for mixing than more savoury birch style champagne
2. If you still decide to mix it with Champagne balance your mix with Sugar Syrup

With what to mix
1. Lavender and Almond Syrup
2. Elderflower Cordial/Syrup with Apple Juice

Do you love creamy cocktails?
Take white egg, mix with your ingredients and shake 4-5 minutes!

On the evening, our best sparkling for Bellini Winner was:
Crémant Oedoria

Recipes that were tasted:

40 ml Gin
25 ml Lavender
15 ml Lemon
Top with Champagne – normally in a tall bubbly glass

Gin 40 ml
15 ml Cointro
25 ml Orange Juice Fresh
Ice cubes
Crémant top up

Based on classic recipe
40 ml classic Martin Miller gin
St German elderflower liquer – 15 ml
Apple Juice – 25 ml
Elderflower and apple work really well
Plenty of ice as big glass syrah style
English Sparkling, spring garden – pinot gris
More base, less bubbly needed

More information on the gins used:

Martin Miller’s Original Gin

9 Moons Barrel rested Gin

Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength

Strane London Dry Gin

Nautical American Gin

Pothecary Gin

Foxhole Gin

Sloemotion Gin

Sloane Lone Stag Spirit

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.