Flavorful and Fantastic Champagne Cocktails

8th June 2019

manchester champagne cocktails

Popping bubbly is not only limited to special occasions. Champagne cocktails are great even for dinners or brunches. Furthermore, Champagnes offer great health benefits.

The 2019 Champagne Day will be on Friday, 19 October.  However, this doesn’t mean you should not pop the bottle once a year. In fact, every day should be a Champagne day. The drink is fun and refreshing and will go with anything you’re eating.

You can get Champagne packed in customized bottles that suit your style, budget, and occasion. Champagne cocktails come in various flavors like Mimosa and Bellini, you can sometimes substitute the Champagne for Prosecco. We are going to explore some enthralling sparkling recipes.

6 Best Champagne Cocktails

Aperol Spritz
Treat yourself with Aperol Spritz, which is an Italian cocktail. It’s a summer drink that shows no sign of abating. Invite this exciting cocktail to your next party and have fun with its bright, fresh taste. Aperol is a delightful drink that doubles on the bubble.

As its name suggests, Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Its unique taste and bright orange color are due to infusion of various ingredients, including sweet and bitter oranges. It can go with any meal, but when served with pasta it brings out the unique Prosecco Italian roots.

Pineapple Mimosa
Mimosa is a refreshing drink that will make an exciting brunch cocktail. The cocktail is popular, with an unbelievably easy recipe. The basic Mimosa is made of Champagne, orange juice, and triple sec. The sparkling wine is added last to do the mixing for you.

However, Pineapple Mimosa is a bit different with a slight tweak and is easy to make. Although orange juice is one of the requirements in making Mimosa, pineapple vodka is used to add an extra layer of fantastic flavor. Honey syrup is another quick homemade ingredient used in preparing Pineapple Mimosa. This is a simple recipe you can never go wrong with.

Lita Grey Cocktail
It’s time to pop the cork, burst the bubble and get the evening party started with this refreshing, delightful recipes. Next time you want to host a party, then Lita Grey is the perfect Champagne cocktail.

The classic cinema fans are familiar with Lita Grey. Lita was the youngest wife of Charlie Chaplin. The Lita Grey Cocktail celebrates the romance of these two lovers. The creation retains the gin of Chaplin’s drink with a classic style. This is because Lita Grey Cocktail is made by adding apricot liqueur of your choice and gin. You then top it with sparkling wine. This gives the cocktail a unique flavor.

Champagne Bowler
Fresh strawberries, Cognac and two wines are combined to make Champagne bowler. Since the 1930s, this classic drink has been dominating party tables and those who have tried it can swear by its charms.
The recipe for Champagne bowler is incredibly easy. Apart from getting decent and best Cognac and wines, ensure you use fresh strawberries. You should understand that strawberries can either make or break the cocktail.

You can enjoy this drink during the summer. However, skip making the cocktail if you cannot get the freshest berries.

Black Velvet
Black Velvet is one of the oldest drink and incredibly easy to make. You will be surprised to know how Stout-Champagne combination work. The drink was notably created in the mid-1800s to mourn Queen Victoria’s husband.

A century later, the cocktail is still impressive!

Frisco 49
The Frisco 49 is one of the best Champagne cocktails since it’s made of DIY homemade ingredients. It’s easy and fun to make.

All you need to do is to take some time and perfect the gin infusion. Gin infusion contains two varieties of pears. Also, get some peaches from the grocery and create an incredible syrup. You will get amazed at how cinnamon and roasted fruit work well with honey in this cocktail.

There are a plethora of Champagne cocktails around the world. The best part is that these cocktails are incredibly easy to make. The trick here is to choose what works best for you. Add sparkle to your next dinner with a fantastic cocktail!

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