Flying the flag for fine Gin – Aldi

14th August 2018


For us gin lovers we are today very much spoilt for choice with a growing list of craft gins hitting the market and an abundance of flavours to enjoy. I believe there are now over 300 craft gin labels across the UK and this number will continue to grow as the trend grows.

Gin sales in the UK are expected to reach £1.3 billion in 2020.” quoted by Carling Partnership.

I have been to many gin tastings and been offered to taste through proud gin collections in bars across London – Without doubt, there is an increasing popularity in Gin! A funny story just the other day, I purchased some wonderful cast iron garden urns from eBay and drove a good hour or so to pick them up and the very kind gentleman that was selling them (I usually involve myself quickly in talking about fizz and spirits) was an investor in a craft gin brand! It is a small world*.

Anyway, back to the title of the article and Aldi and their placement in the world of Gin. Now you can obviously by gin direct from suppliers, the likes of the Craft Gin Club (Jon Hulme who is founder and one of the judges at our Glass of Bubbly Awards), supermarkets, Amazon, eBay and more… Though would you pop into the budget and cost saving outlet of Aldi to pick up any decent gin?

For me, Aldi has certainly proven that in the drinks industry they know a thing or two from their Champagne / sparkling wines to yes, their gins too. A recent sample collection of gin we received from them got our office gin tasting and comparing:

London Dry Gin Beckettts: “Interesting and relaxed flavours. A forest of flavours, pine, citrus, freshly cut grass / evergreen trees. A delight to enjoy on its own, or as I prefer, some tonic water, ice and thinly sliced cucumber.

Fifty Eight Gin: “This is a more’ish gin for sure. Tasted as the previous Beckett’s gin, with thinly sliced cucumber, tonic water and ice – Flavours are lively a fresh offering citrus, pepper, spices, cream and even celery. It is a smooth and easy to drink gin from Aldi – Well done!

Both these gins would also make for a great compliment with Brut / extra Brut Prosecco and for me ideally from the Asolo region where the wines are much more characteristic of the soils they are grown from – This will enable to gin flavours to shine through!


* The Gin he invested in is Manchester Three Rivers Gin.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.