Former Private Members Bar at Top of Gherkin Open to Public

20th July 2018


There are some amazing locations to enjoy a glass of bubbly across London and I am lucky that many of them I have visited and enjoyed the far reaching views from The Shard to The Nat West Tower, I have also enjoyed many a private Champagne event chez the top of the Gherkin as an invited guest or via my membership and the good news now is that this amazing 360 degree viewing wonder location is now open to everyone!

Located within the heart of the City of London and with a very iconic appearance, The Gherkin and the Iris bar / Hix restaurant (located on levels 39 and 40 of London’s iconic Norman Foster-designed building) was a very well known night spot for private dining and drinks with many a launch / celebration event opting to use the venue for that special night to remember. I have sat many times up in the roof area and worked on my laptop writing blogs whilst enjoying a glass or two of wine from their drinks menu. The views are great from over the River Thames to the neighbouring towers of the Walkie Talkie and Cheese Grater, you can spend many an hour gazing out and admiring our capital that is London.

I was very pleased to be invited to a private launch party for this memorable step forward for The Gherkin with their bar and team Searcys on board whose knowledge and expertise on Champagne is highly respected, a warm sunny Summer’s evening spent networking and savouring the incredible location once again was had. For Champagne lovers the Gherkin really must be on your bucket list – You may even get the chance to one day enjoy a glass of bubbly from your very own Champagne tower!

Glass of Bubbly interview with the GM of The Gherkin, Karim Le Cloarec:

There are many bars across London, what makes it special to choose the Iris Bar at The Gherkin?

It has to be the views and the overall experience. Not only are we one of the highest bars in London, we also offer a 360 degree view!

Have you an exclusive wines / drinks that consumers can look forward to?

We have an amazing and unique cocktail list that has been designed by Frederico Geniale with each being named after a specific location of London.

What makes The Gherkin an iconic location to visit when in London?

I would like to say it is because the Gherkin is so well known, where ever you travel in the world and when you see any images of the skyline of London, be it in art work or photos, you will see the stand out Gherkin shape that is our building!

So you are no longer a private members bar?

Not anymore! It is the first time we have opened the bar to the public and we look forward to welcoming many new faces to our venue.

Is the Gherkin the most memorable location you have worked at?

I have been here since 2005, in-between I did also work and gained experience at a Michelin star restaurant, but I returned as I felt I had unfinished business here at the Gherkin! In terms of its unique architectural excellence, it is certainly the best location I have worked at!


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.