Franciacorta and the MICHELIN Guide Sign a 3 Year Exclusive Partnership in the U.S

11th June 2024

Franciacorta Michelin

Franciacorta announced it will become the exclusive Sparkling Wine Partner of the MICHELIN Guide ceremonies in the U.S. in addition to being a sponsor of the Sommelier of the Year Awards for the next three years.

Since 2021, Franciacorta has been a Destination Partner of the MICHELIN Guide in Italy. Franciacorta is now significantly strengthening the relationship with the MICHELIN Guide entering an important market in the U.S. where the gastronomic scene is strongly growing in terms of quality and appreciation from the consumers.

The kickoff of the collaboration will take place in at the California MICHELIN Guide Ceremony later this year, when the new California Stars will be revealed. Guests will be able to taste and discover the different Franciacorta typologies at the event while the newly awarded chefs will toast with Franciacorta on stage. During the ceremony Michelin will also present an annual Award to the best sommelier in California, which Franciacorta will sponsor.

The partnership will continue in 2024 at the MICHELIN Guide Ceremonies throughout the U.S. destinations.

Silvano Brescianini

“This alliance between Franciacorta and Michelin is established on the basis of a deeply shared appreciation for food and wine, as well as a sustainable environmental approach” declares Silvano Brescianini, President of the Franciacorta Consortium. “We are proud and excited to expand our partnership overseas joining the MICHELIN Guide U.S. as we believe Franciacorta still has a lot to express and communicate in this market, especially in the fine and high-quality dining industry. We really believe chefs and sommeliers are playing every day a key role as ambassadors of the gastronomic and enological excellence and this is one way to express our gratitude.”

“I am delighted to extend our partnership with Franciacorta to the U.S. market as we toast together to the exceptional achievements of the chefs and restaurant industry across our destinations,” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide. “Our shared values and commitment to elevating the food and wine industry proves this partnership is the perfect match to bring to the ever-growing gastronomic scene in the U.S.”

“I am delighted and proud of this new partnership between Franciacorta, a symbol of Italian excellence in the wine industry, and the prestigious MICHELIN Guide in the U.S.” said the Ambassador of Italy to the U.S., Mariangela Zappia. “This partnership will enhance the appreciation of the American public not only for the Italian wine, already held in high regard in this beautiful country, but for the made in Italy ethos that Franciacorta perfectly embodies, for our ability of uniquely blending tradition with innovation, prioritizing wellbeing and sustainability, all while delivering extraordinary quality and, in the food and wine sector, an unparalleled taste”.


The partnership with the MICHELIN Guide U.S. expands the number of notable collaborations that Franciacorta boasts in the U.S. market and internationally.

Franciacorta is in fact a partner of the Emmy Awards, the most prestigious event for American television, that celebrates the most important achievements and most talented artists throughout the industry. The growing success of television in recent years has attracted international actors from cinema and theater and has created an increasingly loyal global audience. The 76th edition of the Emmys will take place in Los Angeles on September 15.

Franciacorta for 12 years has been the Official Wine of Milan Fashion Week, thanks to the collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, the Official Sparkling Wine of 1000 Miglia, the world’s most beautiful car race and of course of the MICHELIN Guide Italy.

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