Frizzante Sales on the Rise in UK

22nd April 2016

Frizzante Sales on the Rise in UK

Italy’s semi-sparkling wine is gaining popularity in the UK with sales increasing up to 80%.

Frizzante is a lightly sparkling wine, a less effervescent style than wines such as Champagne. Italy’s regular sparkling wines are usually labelled ‘spumante’.

The bubbles of frizzante are smaller and can offer a great option for celebrations or those who simply want something more delicate and subtle.

Vino Frizzante Rosé sales have risen 80% at Marks & Spencer, where frizzante sales have risen 62% overall.

Tesco added  Prosecco frizzante to their selection last year which has also proved popular with customers.

This increase in demand for frizzante helps Prosecco gain even more popularity in the UK, which is already the nation’s favourite bubbly, recently hitting a record £1 billion sales.

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